Scaling Your Personalized Customer Support Experiences: The Power of AI Chatbots + Effective Agent Alignment  

Thursday, May 4, 2023, 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM ET

>> This is a Virtual Meeting Event Via Zoom <<


Execs In The Know invites you to join us for an exclusive and highly interactive virtual Executive Roundtable discussing, Scaling Your Personalized Customer Support Experiences: The Power of AI Chatbots + Effective Agent Alignment on May 4, 2023, from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM ET.   

Now that ChatGPT has entered the conversation, CX leaders are rethinking how AI-powered technology can support their own operations to boost efficiency and provide better customer experiences. One benefit of using AI is how it gives businesses deeper insights into their customers, which supports more personalized conversations and ultimately drives revenue and brand loyalty.  

Join corporate guest, Dan Medina, Director of Customer Support Operations at iPostal1 to hear how they have adopted chat and GPT-powered features to easily scale and deflect 30% of all customer queries, and engage with your peers and explore how businesses can optimize their operations and enhance customer experience using this game-changing technology.

We’ll discuss how AI-powered chatbots can help CX leaders:

  • Deliver fast responses and decrease cost per contact by 30% 
  • Increase agency efficiency while strengthening customer relationships 
  • Scale personalized support experiences without scaling costs 
  • And more 

In this small, intimate gathering, hear directly from our subject matter experts, brainstorm and collaborate with your peers, learn from and share with other leaders facing similar challenges, and ask questions.  

When you register, you’ll have the opportunity to share which topics are top of mind for you, which will help shape the conversation.    

Moderators & Hosts

Dan Medina
Dan Medina

Colin Crowley
Colin Crowley
CX Advisor

Chad McDaniel
Chad McDaniel
Execs In The Know
Co-Founder & President

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