Taking a Digital-First (But Not Digital-Only) Approach to Customer Care

Williams-Sonoma, Inc. and its eight distinct brands have placed a lot of focus on developing a digital-first approach, especially in recent years. Like many other brands, this work has been accelerated by the significant macro events that have taken place, but it’s a transformation years in the making. And although Williams-Sonoma has embraced a digital-first approach, it’s decidedly not a digital-only approach.

Join Craig Barnes, Senior Vice President Customer Care and Retail Store Operations at Williams-Sonoma, as he shares how digital-first sits within a wider service strategy that continues to acknowledge the importance of servicing customers through traditional channels. Learn how Williams-Sonoma’s traditional channels have evolved alongside the emergence of digital. Get an insider’s view of how Williams-Sonoma has improved its focus on brand-specific service through customer feedback channels across several platforms, leading to innovations like more proactive communication, virtual design chat, in-store consultations, and improved employee culture, all resulting in greatly improved CSAT scores.