Angi: From Merger to Maximizing Combined CX Operations

In March 2021, the merger between Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor resulted in the introduction of Angi — a new home for everything home. Behind the scenes, the customer experience (CX) operations of both organizations were being bridged together in innovative and essential ways, creating alignment in critical areas such as policy, process, and tracking of shared KPIs. At the same time future plans were still (and are still) bring laid for the further homogenization of the two organizations were with long-term initiatives like combining CRM systems, blending agents, and more.

Join Sean Miller, Vice President of Operations at Angi, as he shares the challenges and opportunities brought about by the merger of two similar, but different, organizations. Find out how it is going, learn about what comes next, and get unique insights into a story that’s both fresh, and still being written.