Building Your CX Technology Stack

Even before 2020, many companies had begun investing in new digital services to increase the scope of their online business. This might have meant adding new channels for customer outreach such as chat and text, automated appointment scheduling, or AI-powered chatbots as a means to answer customer FAQs. However, having the right tools and using the right tools correctly are two different things.

Join Arushi Jain, Product Marketing Lead as Airkit, as she moderates a discussion on the impact of small friction points in CX implementation. Discover how to use smart technology to avoid sales or enrollment conversion drop-offs that not only cost the typical brand millions of dollars each year, but also drive customers back to costly agent-assisted support or, in some sectors, to a competitor. Learn from your peers how they are fixing the last mile of CX with digital self-service, and find out how you might drive customer action while lowering costs by 30-40%.