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Employee Wellness — Your Most Critical CX Strategy  


Execs In The Know invites you to join us for a live, in-person, and highly interactive Executive Luncheon and Roundtable to discuss, “Employee Wellness — Your Most Critical CX Strategy,” taking place from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM PT on September 29, 2022. This small, intimate gathering provides ample opportunity for everyone in attendance to connect, network, and share their valuable perspectives. 

Research shows accelerated interest and investment in creating greater wellness within the workplace. In fact, the global corporate wellness market is expected to reach $90.4 billion by 2026. All the attention is well placed, especially as workers continue to evolve their expectations and life priorities, starting with their well-being. Wellness in the workplace is critical for creating both customer and employee success. 

Join 24-7 Intouch’s Teri Miller and Kyle Boult for a lively discussion on how brands can differentiate and achieve better business outcomes by placing greater emphasis on the well-being on their most valued asset — their people. Learn how a culture of wellbeing can be a major differentiator, not only in terms of recruiting, but also in how your customers view and interact with your brand.  

Mark your calendar and come prepared to share your thoughts as we discuss best practices for prioritize employee wellbeing, including: 

  • Scaling while still maintaining effective well-being strategies for frontline agents 
  • Prioritizing and promoting wellness among contracted and part-time workers 
  • Boosting recruitment by showcasing wellness and workplace flexibility 

The Vault Garden 

555 California St. 

San Francisco, CA 94104

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Speakers and Host

Kyle Boult
Kyle Boult
Vice President, Customer Experience
24-7 Intouch

Teri Miller
Teri Miller
EVP of Global Operations Experience
24-7 Intouch

Chad Mcdaniel
Chad Mcdaniel
Execs In The Know

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